The Trail of Fair Origin. TRACED GOODS redefines the use of traditional craft & rarefied materials into pure & authentic, fair made, exclusive wear for Men & Women.

Made of pure materials like leather, silk and cashmere, each of the pieces is a masterpiece: authentic, purely designed, manufactured fair and with high excellence by using traditional techniques. TRACED GOODS creates its unique signature by blending traditional craft with modern design and technology.

Traditional craft
Each item of Traced Goods is authentic and manufactured by using traditional techniques. Some techniques are already used for more than 100 years! We blend traditional craft with modern design and technology.

Minimizing pollution
The fashion industry is known to be one of the most polluting industries. Traced Goods wants to reduce this environmental pollution by producing in as environmentally friendly as possible. Our leather products are tanned Wet White, which is the most sustainable way to tan at the moment.

Animal friendly life
A lot of our clothing is made of fibres that come from animals, such as leather and wool. The animals that provide leather and wool should be treated in an animal friendly way. The hides for our leather products come from animals have a good life and graze freely in Mongolia. The wool we source come from animals that are not harmed during their life.